How to improve performance

How to capitalize on strengths

Early discovery is key ...

Young Professionals

Entering the workforce and those wanting to enhance their leadership skills, while establishing a more open and productive relationship with their manager.

Front line managers

Focused on helping direct reports elevate performance and take responsibility for personal development through a more comfortable and productive working relationship.


Understanding the importance of an effective onboarding process, and building a culture that attracts and retains young professionals, with emphasis on relationships between manager and cohorts.

About Us

Career Catalyst facilitates the effective interaction between young professionals and front-line manager to comfortably, confidently and proactively engage with each other for mutual benefit; It is designed to impact relationships and accelerate the learning for young professionals and their manager, and properly implemented, could become a differential for your company in the hiring process.

Understanding the importance of an effective and ongoing onboarding process.  Building a culture that attracts and retains young professionals, with emphasis on relationships between manager and cohorts.  Career Catalyst addresses, not only “why” an effective launch is important, but the specifics of “how” to do it!

  • The Individual

    How to capitalize on one’s strengths

  • Preparation

    The importance of taking responsibility for performance, personal development and career

  • Getting engaged

    How to navigate through work situations.

  • Supporting the Mission

    What is expected from them, and what should be expected from their manager and the organization.

  • Manager benefits

    The impact of their personal leadership.

Comments From Young Professionals Who Have Been Career Catalyst Participants

“This raised my comfort level in asking questions and initiating contact with my manager.”

“I’m not sure I know what success is to my manager.  I now understand the importance of having his expectations clarified.”

“I came here feeling a little frustrated with some lack of direction.  This has given me the tools to open up.”

“Good information…put together well, organized, concise, easy to apply.

“I feel more confident and have realized that I should be focusing on capitalizing on my strengths.”

“I am better able to approach/talk/communicate with my manager to get issues and goals in the open and get feedback.”

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