Why the young leave their jobs

John Laws, a consultant with Career Catalyst in Overland Park, shared with me the resignation letter of a 20-something worker who had been recruited and performed well among his company’s professional peers.The young man’s reasons for leaving should serve as a guidepost for employers and job-hunting workers, Laws noted.The letter helps answer two questions I hear often:Why is it so hard to keep young workers?Where are good places to work?

Companies work to retain mobile Gen Y work force

They have a reputation for being pampered and high-maintenance. Although they crave recognition..

Leadership provides a key piece in puzzle of today’s chaotic workplace

Today’s work environment is characterized by uncertainty, anxiety and skepticism. Yet, the same — or better! — results are expected with fewer resources. There are no shortcuts or easy solutions — only tough ..

Addressing generation gap in ‘work ethic’ can avoid leadership rift

At a luncheon featuring a prominent business leader, the speaker was asked his opinion about the work ethic of Generations X and Y. The response was predictable. The X and Yers’ work ethic…