“This raised my comfort level in asking questions and initiating contact with my manager.”

“I’m not sure I know what success is to my manager. I now understand the importance of having his expectations clarified.”

“I came here feeling a little frustrated with some lack of direction. This has given me the tools to open up.”

“Good information…put together well, organized, concise, easy to apply.

“I feel more confident and have realized that I should be focusing on capitalizing on my strengths.”

“The “accelerators” and thank you notes are a great way to help collaborate and build better relationships and teamwork.”

“Most important to me was the process of how to effectively communicate with my manager and coworkers…and, hopefully, I am able to evolve from this foundation and make it a part of my everyday life. Thank you

“I am better able to approach/talk/communicate with my manager to get issues and goals in the open and get feedback.”