How to Be a Star at “Work” Robert E. Kelley
Breakthrough Glossary

  1. Initiative—Actively engages in the workplace by taking on responsibility above and beyond stated job; volunteers for additional activities; promotes new ideas and follows through with them.
  2. Networking—Cultivates and has direct and immediate access to people who are sources of knowledge necessary for getting the job done; shares information with people who need it.
  3. Self Management—Regulates own work commitments, time, performance level, and career within the workplace, including career growth.
  4. Perspective—Understands how own work responsibilities fit into the larger context; is aware of other viewpoints, such as those of customers, management, work team, and competitors.
  5. Followership—Assists and supports the leader in accomplishing organizational goals; thinks and acts independently rather than relying solely on the leader’s direction; positively and actively engages in making the organization a success.
  6. Leadership—Formulates, states and builds consensus on common goals and works effectively to accomplish them.
  7. Teamwork—Assumes joint responsibility for work activities; coordinates efforts smoothly, works effectively with colleagues to accomplish shared goals.
  8. Organizational Savvy—Manages and navigates within competing organizational interests and subcultures that involve individuals or groups to promote cooperation, address conflicts, and get things done.9.Show and Tell—Prepares and presents ideas persuasively