“The number one factor in productivity, morale and retention is the relationship between employees and their immediate boss.”

Bruce Tulgan – Not Everyone Gets a Trophy

Career Catalyst focuses on the relationship between young professionals, their managers and cohorts and facilitates mutual comfort and confidence supporting each other’s efforts. Managers will benefit from working with young professionals who have experienced Career Catalyst because:

  • They will appreciate direct reports who understand the importance and imperative of engaging with, and supporting their managers and cohorts.

  • Discovery and application of strengths for themselves and direct reports will improve mutual performance and enhance personal development.

  • A simple process helps direct reports identify critical aspects of company and department culture to determine priorities.

  • Direct report will understand the importance of, and experience the results of collaboration and teamwork.

  • Learning emphasizes understanding and application of personal leadership and productive relationships.

  • Manager and direct report will gravitate toward mutual involvement and support in developing, clarifying and communicating performance expectations.

  • Managers will develop comfort in discussions with direct reports about performance and personal development.