“ Your young workers feel like they don’t get enough direction from their managers. They want more training…coaching …support and guidance. They want more feedback.”

– Bruce Tulgan, IT’S OKAY TO BE THE BOSS

Career Catalyst accelerates the transition of young professionals to the work place because:

  • Managers learn how to engage early, developing a connection with the direct report helping the young professional feel valued…key factors in affecting retention.

  • Young professionals and managers develop more engaging and productive relationships.

  • Focus on early discovery for manager and direct report allows both to capitalize on personal strengths and enhanced working relationships.

  • A simple process provides understanding of “reciprocal reinforcement” with manager and direct report, helping each other achieve personal goals and department objectives.

  • This generation is not in to “lifetime employment” but “lifetime employability” so young professionals will appreciate and remain with organizations that demonstrate the value of early and ongoing learning.

  • A simple process helps direct reports identify critical aspects of company and department culture to determine priorities.

  • Facilitates understanding of the importance of personal responsibility and accountability for performance, personal development and career.