As you may know, most turn-over occurs in the first 3 years, so an effective on boarding process is imperative to enhance acclimation and maximize retention, and while your company orientations may provide a good start, you’ve probably discovered that something is missing in accelerating the confidence, early development and performance during the critical first year

“How much and how fast a new hire learns about the…company can drastically impact…success. If new hires are fully integrated into the organization’s culture, they can make their highest and best contribution most quickly—which leads to a higher level of commitment and success.”

Elaine Varelas, Managing Partner, Keystone Partners, Boston, Massachusetts

Your company, most likely, offers some sort of orientation for new hires. Career Catalyst can provide effective and complimentary acceleration to strengthen your on boarding process.

Orientation is about…

Acceleration is about…

Career Catalyst not only clarifies the business case, or the “why” of the importance of assisting Millennials with management support, but focuses on what is often missing in relationship development:
The specifics of “how” to do it!

“Today, the younger the employee, the more that emotional connection is driven by their relationship with their boss.” Cam Marston

If you would like to assess the effectiveness of “acceleration” for the young professionals in your organization, the Workforce Entry Survey will provide some insight about how they are acclimating to their job and their manager and may hi-lite some areas that require your attention to ensure their retention! You can administer the survey yourself or I would be glad to do it for you if you feel your employees would be more comfortable with third party administration.