“…a conditioned ability to look ahead plays a key role in adaption. Indeed, one of the hidden clues to successful coping may well be in the individual’s sense of the future.”

– Alvin Toffler, FUTURE SHOCK

Career Catalyst is designed to assist young professionals build confidence in working with managers and cohorts while navigating through the learning curve. Specifically, here’s how they benefit:

  • Transition and success will be accelerated through understanding of what they may not know about themselves and the work place.

  • Early discovery of personal strengths, department culture, organizational drivers and manager expectations will accelerate and enhance productivity.

  • Preparation for success through understanding and acceptance of responsibility and accountability for performance, personal development and career.

  • Emphasis is on supporting manager, business partners and the organization through improved communication and engagement.

  • Confident initiation of discussions with manager about expectations, department goals, and personal development.

  • “Reciprocal reinforcement”, building confidence through strengthened communication, appreciation and follow up.